Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm getting married in exactly one week.... WOW. It doesn't seem real yet and that's probably
because I haven't seen Jarom in about 3 months. He has stayed in Utah to work while
I galavant around Oregon. I miss him.

So, instead of moping I've stayed busy... for the most part. My mother would probably
tell you I've been fairly lazy (and she's somewhat right) but I've been
working on a lot of wedding projects too! I'm trying to defend myself here, I guess.

I've been putting little name labels on chocolate kisses, folding a billion white
napkins, cutting ribbon, gluing, cutting out pictures, taping, etc. I officially have fallen
in love with double-sided tape. Seriously. Greatest invention ever. Oh, and
my sisters and I have been doing hours and hours of yard work at my grandparent's
house to get it ready for the reception. It's looking great :)

From what I've heard, marriage is fantastic. I can't wait!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

 I'm getting married July 2. News? I hope
not. Wedding plans are taking over my
summer in Oregon but that's ok because
I am thoroughly enjoying (most of the time)
all of it. My inner "craft"iness is coming
out so that's fun.

On the left: a picture from my bridal
shower last week that a very dear
friend threw for me. I had so much
fun and am so blessed to have great friends!
On the right: my face for the majority of the
time because I was either overwhelmed
or surprised that someone my mother's
age was giving me something very, very
scandalous. Half kidding.

It was a fantastic evening and I had a
lot of fun. I'll try to update here more
often with cute wedding things we're doing
but for now, countdown is 30 something