Saturday, January 31, 2009

You know when something happens in your life that you never thought would happen? Ya, that's pretty hard to handle.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Number 1 source of stress in my life by far but I'm learning to love it. I'm writing for the school newspaper so that brings a large amount of work and stress into my life but I like it. I'm not quite sure if I'm cut out for it though because I get so nervous all the time talking to so many people but I'm trying :) Does that count?
Life: I'm still alive.
Boys: hahahahah
Sisters: We're going shopping today for wedding stuff :)
Rommmates: They're pretty much the only reason I'm still alive even though two of them will probably get married and leave me this summer.
Family back in Oregon: I miss them SO bad. Sometimes I wish that our second house was here in Utah so that during the school year my family could be here with me but that won't happen.
Sports: A friend told me last night that the rankings don't count so much as the tournament does and I hope she's right because UNC is ranked down at #6. I know... lame. I'm enjoying all the craziness though and I can't wait until March! Selection Sunday is about 2 weeks away.
Friends: Well, mostly I don't have any but also most of them are married now. Thank you December 27th. Also, lots of engagements too. It's exciting stuff!

So that's the update for ya. Sorry I haven't been in any fights or received any exciting anonymous love note as of late. I've come to realize that the people that read my blog don't read it for the exciting, thrill factor but probably just because they love me :) Or they randomly came upon my blog and were intrigued by the lack of excitement in my life and decided to read further to try to pick out what's wrong with me. If you're that person, let me know what you figure out.