Monday, June 4, 2012

Best week of the summer so far: Oregon
Jarom and I spent last week in Oregon with all my sisters (minus one because she's in Hawaii) and it was so great. My mom kept us busy with fun activities each day but also it was just fun being home. Here are a few pictures.


downtown Portland
 my dog (BFF) Bo
ice cream at the beach

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Last Saturday I got in touch with
my motorcycle side! More specifically:
my Harley side.

My friend Carey works in the BYU football offices as an assistant to head
coach Bronco Mendenhall. Bronco and his wife Holly have a foundation
and Saturday their foundation sponsored two fabulous events! Carey asked
me if I could help out at both... and that's how I got there.

First thing in the morning (6 am people!) we headed up to Timpanogos
Harley where 100+ riders joined Bronco for a 300-mile motorcycle ride.
Carey and I checked in riders and took pictures.

After all the riders had left we headed up to the location of
our second event, a barn. We arranged flowers, and did
some more decorating to spruce up this fancy barn for the
Cowboy Ball in the evening.

The Cowboy Ball is an auction/dinner/party. All the
money from both events go to the Mendenhall's foundation
that raises money for special needs children in Utah. How
great! It was fun being part of something like that. Here's
a few more pictures from the night.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Last weekend Jarom, my sister Lindsey and I were all in Las Vegas to visit  my other sister Casi and her hubby Daniel. They're moving to Pittsburg (congrats on the new job brother!) so we wanted to get in a good visit before they moved too far away. 

Of course, it was AMAZING! They were very gracious hosts.

First, a few sister pics :)

 We visited a lovely chocolate
factory while we were there. The
chocolate came with an ice pack
at the bottom of your bag so it wouldn't
melt in the 90+ degree weather. Genius.
 One night we convinced the
boys to paint (a few) of their fingers.
 Classic poolside photo
Found these gems in a candy story. 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Well, nothing new to report. As always :) We're going to visit my sister Casi and her husband Dan in Vegas this weekend, however, so we'll have pictures and such after that.

Jarom has gotten to do some fun things lately though! Occasionally he works free lance for TNT and ESPN at NBA games, RSL, etc. So, for the NBA playoffs this weekend, TNT asked him to help up in Salt Lake and be the stage director ... which basically means he gets to sit courtside. There's more to the job description but I'm not sure of all the details so we'll leave it at that.

Here's a photo he sent me of his view during the game. Awesome!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last Christmas Jarom got me the new iPhone and it has literally changed my life.
Best thing about it? Fantastic photos! That phone is incredible. So today
I decided to put all my photos on my laptop to free up some space on my phone. Here
are just two of my favorites:

How happy does this kid look?

This was taken just last weekend when we were
in California for the BYU volleyball matches.
Paid for? Check.

Anyway, unknowingly, this has become a plug for the iPhone. Originally I just
wanted to put up a few pictures. Oh well. Here's a few more of our trip to Cali.

Waiting for the Jurassic Park ride to start
at Universal Studios.

 The team right before the match started.
City Walk, an outdoor mall right next to Universal

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm pretty into random updates on the blog... when I remember that I have one. Everyone says that once I have a kid I'll WANT to update more. I think I'll be FORCED to update more by an angry mother that lives in Oregon. Just saying.

But for now, you'll have to deal with an update on just Jarom and I. We're both still working for BYU and doing really well. Jarom's a full-time studio producer at BYUtv and does some on-camera play-by-play on the side. I'm working as a media relations director in the BYU Athletic Communications office with the women's soccer and men's volleyball teams. Boss.

Marriage is fun. Cooking is not. I don't cook very much so we probably eat out too much but I'll learn sometime. Hopefully.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm getting married in exactly one week.... WOW. It doesn't seem real yet and that's probably
because I haven't seen Jarom in about 3 months. He has stayed in Utah to work while
I galavant around Oregon. I miss him.

So, instead of moping I've stayed busy... for the most part. My mother would probably
tell you I've been fairly lazy (and she's somewhat right) but I've been
working on a lot of wedding projects too! I'm trying to defend myself here, I guess.

I've been putting little name labels on chocolate kisses, folding a billion white
napkins, cutting ribbon, gluing, cutting out pictures, taping, etc. I officially have fallen
in love with double-sided tape. Seriously. Greatest invention ever. Oh, and
my sisters and I have been doing hours and hours of yard work at my grandparent's
house to get it ready for the reception. It's looking great :)

From what I've heard, marriage is fantastic. I can't wait!