Thursday, September 25, 2008

I've decided to dedicate this post to the amazing skills of my BYU football team. There's only been 3 home games so I don't have that many pictures but it's a good start. More to come!

My roommates and I at the UCLA game (59-0 cougars win)

My sister and my cousin at the wyoming game (44-0 cougars win)

My family :)

My cousin's baby: Spencer! 

Cosmo the cougar cheering on the team

Sunday, September 14, 2008

13 reasons I'm happy

1. I found my keys after 3 days of searching
2. Last Monday, I got a 40-minute long voice recorded message from my friend in Germany
3. BYU beat UCLA 59-0... AMAZING
4. It's Sunday
5. I had a warm shower this morning
6. My cousin gets home from Denver, CO in one month
7. I was able to wear shoes again for the first time on Friday night after getting the worst blisters of my life
8. KC and Drew are coming tomorrow
9. Spencer is a little man running around like crazy
10. My sisters love me
11. Kendoll is trying to get me married
12. I got to dance all night on Friday
13. My Mom's name is Pam and my Dad's name is Rob

I don't have any good, juicy updates but I wanted to post something :) Have a lovely Sunday!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Well, day two of my Junior year at BYU is over and done with. I can't believe it's round three for me at this beautiful campus. Even though the school and homework part isn't so great, I'm happy to be here.

I've got a few interesting classes this year that are going to be pretty fun and some that will be down right boring. That's ok. I'm loving my roommates and it's good to be back with them again. This is our third year all together...we've known each other since freshman year! Wow. One of the six of us is new this year but she fits right in and it's SO fun. 

I miss Oregon and my family tons but I think school's going to be fun this year.