Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jarom (aka handsome fiance) keeps reminding me that I have a blog in dire need of some love so here I am :) It's about time! I know.

So first off, most of you know,
but I'm engaged! And he's amazing.

We will be married in the Portland
temple on July 2. Mark your calendars.
And of course, because I am to be
wed, my sister Lindsey and roommate
Amanda threw me a really great bridal
shower where I received a large amount
of lacey gifts :) haha. It was a fantastic
party and all my sisters were able to be there!

Busiest weekend ever! Bridal shower,
graduation and work all together.

I graduated last December but "officially"
graduated on April 22 when I walked
across the stage and received my diploma. And
when I say diploma, I mean an empty folder
that will one day hold my diploma.

Jarom didn't go to work much that weekend
because he wanted to be there to support me :)
Seriously amazing.
 Twin pic with the "Y" in the background.

 Another twin pic with Brigham.

After marriage, Jarom and I are going to be back in Provo for at least another year and maybe more if he gets the job we're hoping for. Life is good :)