Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This second post is for Lindsey. For all of you who are unaware, Lindsey is a working woman. She supports me financially. haha. No, but seriously. So anyway, when she's a work and not busy doing all the work she does, she reads my blog. I told her I'd update it every fifteen minutes so she would have SO much to read tomorow but I decided... after further evaluation of my promise... that that'd be completely obsessive and I shouldn't do that. Not that I don't support her in all she does and try to live up to her every demand. I just don't know how weird that'd be. Right?

Aaaand while I'm posting something about Lindsey, I thought I'd put up a cute picture of us in Las Vegas! Dang, I know. Cutest twins in the world

Well, it's been a long time since I posted anything. I'm not sure why but I just haven't. And now I'm back. It seems I'm drawn to this blogging world. haha. I love it. Besides, I have to keep up on all the new media outlets somehow, right?

So, here it goes: life since my last post.
1. vegas trip
2. school
3. family
4. roommates

1. Lindsey, Amanda and I went to Vegas for the Valentine's Day weekend with our FHE brothers. It was really fun and SUCH a good break from school. I didn't do any homework. Turns out that probably wasn't the best idea but it seemed right at the time. We visited the temple while we were there :) Pretty. Also, Amanda lost her phone while we were there but the temple said they found it so they're mailing it to her. How nice is that?

2. School is going a lot better than it was at the beginning of the semester. I'm still writing for the campus paper and I actually love it. I've been assigned to the girls basketball team and even though I thoroughly dislike women's sports, I do like our BYU team so that's good. Plus, they might get me another free trip to Vegas so we'll see :)
3. I miss my family. Lindsey and I are both thinking about staying Spring and Summer and I don't want to. If I find a job here that'd be good and I'd stay but I'll miss being home so much. Luckily, my sisters are coming to visit in a few weeks! Casi is happy with her fiance and all is well in the wedding world.
4. My roommates are truly amazing. I honestly feel like they fill up a part of my life that was missing. Cheesy? Maybe but it's ok. We have so much fun together and I love it. That's probably the number one reason none of us are married though... because we like to spend so much time together and not with boys. haha.
So that's life. It's stressful, but who's isn't?